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GSM SecureTM

Solutions based on wireless GSM / GPRS & 3G, WiFi and Ethernet technology.

GSM Voice & Text Diallers


GSM Gate Openers / GSM Access Control systems allow the Caller ID of a phone call to be used as a way to identify users in order to open gates, doors, shutters, barriers and road blocks by making a simple phone call.
GSM Remote Control & monitoring allow mobile phones to control equipment, lighting, heating and more using a FREE calls or by sending text messages.
As well as remote control, these products allow control and will also send you a text when an event occurs such as alarms triggering, plant or equipment for failure.
Remotely operate equipment such as pumps, generators, lighting and also have text messages or phone calls should a failure occur.
GSM Voice & Text Dialers help protect property , assets, machinery and livestock by sending SMS text messages and phone calls when triggered.
Connect to alarm or monitoring systems or even directly to sensors, switches and relays to generate instant notification of events to mobile phones or monitoring stations via Contact ID.

GSM Intercom

Wireless 'DECT' Intercom
Wireless Video Intercom

GSM Intercom systems that allow visitors to your property or business to identify themselves via your mobile phone
Wireless DECT Intercom system uses long range (non GSM) secure wireless  link to the gates or door. The included handset also doubles as a fully functional telephone
Wireless Video Intercom system using long range digital wireless technology to give clear audio and video up to 150 meters and allow remote access to visitors and monitor the camera at any time.

GSM Alarm Systems

GSM 'Fixed Line' Emulators
GSM Terminal Adaptors


GSM Alarm systems are ideal for houses, caravans, chalets, boats, holiday homes, remote buildings and even a garage.
We have a range of alarm systems that allow monitoring for intruder and events you need to know about. It is also possible to be notified of power, heating  or refrigeration failure and even excessive moisture or heat.

GSM Line Emulators allow alternative paths for communications for alarm panels and other equipment that rely on fixed lines being available.
These products allow equipment to use, GSM as the primary line back-up to a fixed line, notifying of any problems with the fixed line via GSM.

GSM Terminal adapters allow remote equipment to connect via the Internet to transfer data, live video and have configuration settings changed.
Available in many forms including, RS232, RS485, Ethernet modem and Ethernet router.


GSM Marine Alarm
GSM Caravan Alarm


GSM ePIR alarm system is ideal for alarming property. 2 Variations available.
GSM - Stand alone single PIR.
GSM+Wireless - Expandable system using wireless to allow addition of  PIR sensors, door contacts, internal and external sirens and input/output triggering via wireless. 

Boats are more target for theft and vandalism. Even on a secured marina, your boat is at risk from burglary, fire or sinking. Protect it with a GSM Boat Alarm.
Protect it with a GSM Marine Alarm

Is your caravan in storage, parked in the garden or on site? More caravans  are being broken into or vandalised when not in use.
Protect it with a GSM Caravan Alarm

GSM Heating Control
GSM Smoke Alarm - FireText



GSM Heating Controller allows mobile phones to remote control for central heating.
No longer leave heating on timer wasting gas when you are not there to benefit. Protect pipes from frost and be alerted should the mains or the boiler fails or other connected equipment such as intruder or fire alarm by text message.

GSM Text messaging Smoke Alarm. What good is a smoke alarm in a remote building or vulnerable persons home when there is no one around to act on it?

This GSM text messaging smoke alarm will sit dormant and when triggered, sound audio alerts locally plus send text messages to up to 4 people to thier mobile phones.

Share 3G Dongle Internet connections with one of our 3G routers.
Simply insert your USB dongle or SIM Card into these routers and share Internet connection with others or allow equipment access to the Internet over the air.

GSM Tracking & Panic Alarm

GSM Vehicle Tracking

 GSM Bugs & Spying

Whether you are worried about employees, family or children, our GSM GPS tracking devices will help you locate them instantly.
Protect vulnerable family members with simple to use technology.
Asset protection by Geo Fencing equipment to alarm if it is moved without authorisation.

Vehicle Tracking systems allow monitoring of vehicles, plant and equipment for day to day use or as alarm notification of unauthorised movement (theft).
GeoFencing, tracking, movement sensing is available in these products.

xLogic Intellegent PLC

DVB 'FreeView' TV Modulators
HomePlug Mains Networking

xLogic PLC intelligent super relays allow easy control of equipment. Fully programmable for time control, timers, interlocking, delays and logic control.
Many uses including access control, security and control systems. Ideal for twinning with our GSM Remote control to allow a process to begin by sending a text message or a FREE phone call.

Need to inject CCTV, SKY, Cable or other TV signals onto a 'Freeview' TV or distribution system?

These DVB Modulators convert video and audio to high quality digital TV signals that can be viewed on any DVB enabled TV.
Ideal for future proofing CCTV and hotel TV instalations by removing the reliance on analogue tuners.

HomePlug Mains networking solutions are idea for connecting TV's, Games Consoles, CCTV systems, Computers to the Internet and home or office networks where it is difficult or impossible to run standard network cables.

By using the mains wiring itself to carry the network over power lines, saving the need for any additional cabling.

3G USB Stick Dongle antennas

3G & GSM / GPRS antennas
Wi-Fi Wireless Antennas




If you use a USB 3G Broadband dongle, many of you will have experienced the problems of slow, intermittant connection due to poor signal being available.
By being able to put an external or high gain antenna away from the USB dongle in a higher location where the signal is stronger, results can be very easily and cost effectively be achieved.
  OEM, fixed or portable antennas for equipment or projects, you will find we have a vast range of antennas and connection solutions available   Wireless (Wi-Fi) antenna solutions for mobile, building to building and fixed installation.
From our popular USB Wi-Fi high gain antenna with built in network card to allow easy portable instant long range connection to static fixed directional and non-directional antennas.
GSM Modules











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