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3G Antennas

In order to get the best performance from a 3G signal, whether a dongle or hardware with the 3G modem built it may be necessary to use an external 3G antenna.
Antennas within equipment such as USB Dongle, 3G Routers are small and the location they are being used can severely affect performance. The 3G signal will slow down to compensate when signal level is low giving poor results when connecting to the Internet.
By connecting an external antenna, you are effectively moving the equipment outside where the signal is better and if the antenna is giving 'gain', then even better result can be achieved as this gain adds to the stability and level of available signal. If you are looking for a 3G USB Dongle antenna then we have a specific page for your manufacturer:
ZTE 3G Antenna 
My-Fy 3G Antenna
Below are antennas suitable for indoor and outdoor use and have various connectors to suit your requirements.
5dB 3G Antenna
- Magnetic base
9dB 3G Antenna
 - Magnetic Base
5dB 3G Antenna
 - Roof mounted
2.5dB 3G Antenna
 - Through hole mounted
5dB 3G Antenna
 - Bracket mounted



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