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3G Routers & Access Points

Now that connecting to the Internet is becomming more and more important..
The ETR9360 is a 1T1R Wireless Single chip 11N Pocket Access Point / Router that delivers up to 3-times faster speed than 802.11g devices while serving with superior performance and unparalleled wireless range.
This neat compact sized router allows you to share 3G/3.5G or Broadband network anytime & anywhere without additional bulky adapter. It also comes with an easy-to-use WPS function which allows you to setup wireless connection with just one-touch.


3G router with modem - just insert SIM card
A low cost, compact desktop 3G router with built in modem - no dongle or drivers required; simply insert your 3G data SIM. Full WiFi router with 150M 11n 2.4GHz WiFi with WEP/WPA/WPA2 security.
One WAN port and one LAN port for use with existing router is required. Supports 3G and also GSM/GPRS/EDGE services. Supports up to 16 WiFi clients sharing the same 3G data connection.
  • Built in Modem (No USB Dongle required)
  • External Antenna socket
  • 9-15DC Power supply - ideal for cars, boats caravans

3G router with modem - just insert SIM card
This desk mounted router accesses which the internet through its integrated 3G modem, just insert the SIM card supplied by your mobile service provider.
The service is then available to share via ethernet or the integrated WiFi Access Point. A Fail-Back mode is available to automatically back up a fixed internet connection when that service is interrupted. There is also a PSTN port for a telephone connection using
the mobile service.
  • Built in Modem (No USB Dongle required)
  • External Antenna socket
  • Built in telephone socket to support calls
  • 9-15DC Power supply - ideal for cars, boats caravans
3G SIM Router with modem and built in VPN server

The H8951 3G router is an HSDPA/HSUPA 3G WiFi (11g) router with built in 3G modem, so no USB dongle required.
The router includes VPN client capability so it can create VPN connections from site to a remote VPN server e.g. Windows server. Using VPN connectivity means you can get around the problem of lack of fixed static IP on UK 3G connections. Supports UK/EU standard 3G data and also the slower GPRS networks. Setup is quick and simple using built in Web GUI. External antenna for Wifi (11g) and 3G so you can simply fit separate antenna if required.
  • Built in Modem (No USB Dongle required)
  • External Antenna socket
  • 9-15DC Power supply - ideal for cars, boats caravans

NET 3G-434T

The AAP-2410M-3G is a fully outdoor WiFi Router/AP which includes a 3G modem: Just add a 3G data SIM and you're ready to go. Essentially the unit will connect to 3G broadband and also act as an outdoor WiFi router so that WiFi clients can share the broadband (or also via wired/LAN connection). The 3G antenna is a built-in omni and the WiFi is via the built-in directional antenna or you can fit an external antenna (for example an omni) via the ReSMA socket on the device. Power is via passive 12V PoE (adapter included) which gives total flexibility on where the unit can be mounted – simply mount the unit on a pole and run a LAN cable to the required location.
  • 3G Router -  not only is a router it also has built in WiFi Wireless connection. Simply plug your USB Stick into the router and you have an instant Wireless hotspot to run your computer, laptop, mobile phone and even your portable media player to connect to the Internet.
  • WiFi Wireless Access Point - Pack the router in your bag on your travels and plug into a live network connection for an instant wireless connection.
  • Business Internet Backup - Connect the router between your ADSL or Cable Internet connection and should the connection drop or fail, the router automatically switches over to 3G. Ensure your business never goes offline leaving you without email and access to online payments, orders etc.
  • Webcam Server - Plug in a USB webcam and view it anywhere on any other PC anywhere on Earth. Keep an eye on the baby sitter, your business or your holiday home.
  • FTP Server - Plug in a hard drive or USB pen drive and use FTP to upload and download files & photos to it.
  • NAS Storage - Plug in a USB hard drive and allow network access from all your computers to share and backup files to a portable drive.
  • Print Server - Connect your printer to the router and share it over your network.

Simple to install, less than 10 minutes to set up and start using with full configuration backup by phone if necessary. 

Ideal for
  • Holidays & working away - allowing multi device access to the Internet such as laptops & computer games for the kids
  • Trade shows - How much do exhibitions charge for on-stand Internet access?
  • Stand alone business router - use as your main business router, built in firewall and QoS features
  • Sharing music & files - share music & files over your network
  • Security Monitoring - USB webcam feature allowing remote access to view the webcam
  • WDS Systems - a cost effective way to extend the coverage of your wireless network
  • Ideal for Mobility or Backup of Fixed Broadband Solution
  • Friendly Easy Setup utility and intuitive web configuration
  • Secure Data Sharing: File, Picture, Video, Audio...etc
  • USB Device Sharing - 3.5G Dongle, Printer, Webcam, HDD and Flash
  • Firewall and Wi-Fi Security - complete defense system set your mind free of worry
  • Efficient Bandwidth Usage - QoS ensures to optimize the bandwidth use
  • Internet Video Surveillance - Real Time Motion Detection and automatic E-mail Alert
  • User Account Management - webpage user interface, define user authorization, Event Log and Email Alert
Application 1:
Connect this unit between your existing Internet connection and your LAN Network and should your main Internet ADSL or Cable Internet fail, it switches over to your 3G USB Stick. Why have your USB Stick stuck in your laptop bag when you retrun from a business trip when it can be used to ensure connectivity to the Internet.
Alternatively save money on your Internet connection by using your USB Stick at home as well as on the road. Enjoy all the features of a wireless router, but use your USB Stick instead of a static broadband connection as detailed further below.


Application 2:
  • Stand alone Router: broadband router whether using 3G  or connected to a ADSL* modem or Cable.
  • Access Point: Connect to an ethernet network and add secure wireless via this product.
  • Client mode: Connect network devices such as XBox, PS2, Laptops or desktops to a Wireless Access Point.
* needs to be an Ethernet Modem







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