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DVB-T 'FreeView' Modulators
   - for CCVT and closed distribution systems

 DVB Digital television is the new standard in transmission of television pictures that has taken over from the analogue system we have been used to since the 1970's. As more and more TV's are now being manufactured without analogue tuners, this is causing problems for closed TV distibutionin that the analogue signal can no longerbe tuned into.
In order to allow TV pictures on the same system as DVB-T television, a DVB-T modulator is required. These take the composite or S-VHS signal from the external sourse and convert it to a channel on the DVB-T multiplex. The main benefits of using DVB-T modulation is that the installer can now set the channel number and name that the TV stores the stream.
For example:
A CCTV system could be placed on Channel 999 and named "CCTV"
Hotels can a spare Channel such as 0 in order to have constanct live feed of infomation such as local area, weather or facilities available to new arrivals who switch the TV on and see this as a 'landing'  channel for the TV and first one shown.
In order to create the channel on the TV system three components are required:
  • DVB-T Modulator to create a channel that the TV can find and decode
  • Distribution amplifiers to take the normal TV signal and mix it with the modulated signal to create the 'matrix'
  • DVB-T compatable digi-box or TV - All TV's that receive digital TV are compatible
The benefits of placing a CCTV signal into the modulator and into a distribution amplifier as:
  • CCTV pictures can be seen on any TV within the property on a dedicated channel that is easy to find
  • Only one external antenna is needed for an infinate number of televisions
  • Video (picture) and stereo audio is modulated


Supporting video and stereo inputs via phono socket, video input is composite.

  • Composite Video in
  • Stereo Audio in
  • Made in China


Supporting video and stereo inputs via phono socket, video input is composite and S-Video.

  • Composite and S-Video Video input
  • Stereo Audio in
  • Made in the UK

TV Distribution Amplifier - 4 output
TV Distribution Amplifier - 8 output
TV Distribution Amplifier - 12 output



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