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ETPro 404 - EDGE Modem



Edge uses an enhanced modulation technique for increasing the network capacity and datarates of GSM cellular wireless networks. The Edge technology can bring dramatically increased speeds to GSM services and correspondingly better serve the M2M community.

EDGE, the fastest transmission standard currently in use in GSM networks, is creating brand new opportunities for computing applications. The ETPro 404Ai EDGE modem enables you to make use of this speed in your own products, facilitating multimedia downloads and data streaming, The ETPro 404Ai EDGE modem allows mobile e-mail and internet access. Even multimedia streaming is possible. The ultra compact quad-band ,it has all the right industry standard interfaces for dial-up , voice, SMS and fax applications. It can be powered by a wide range of voltages. A built-in SIM card reader makes it easy to plug the ETPro404Ai EDGE Modem into your application.

And in order to get your product to the market quickly and easily – the MC75 comes with full type approval (FTA). It has also been approved by major network carriers around the world .







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