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ETPro 505 - EVDO Modem





ETPro 50X is a high-speed, broadband wireless EV-DO Rev A. modem with the maximum download speed of 3.1Mbps and upload 1.8Mbps.(greater than many wired broadband data services).           Offering full wireless broadband speeds to customers helps them achieve the LAN-like mobility that industry has strived for by increasing productivity  to the max while maintaining  contact with client. colleagues and family It has a 360-degrees rotatable USB connector. The position or placement of USB would not limit the use of the modem.

The ETPro 50X EVDO modem allows mobile e-mail and internet access. Even multimedia streaming is possible. The ultra compact quad-band ,it has all the right industry standard interfaces for dial-up , voice, SMS and fax applications. It can be powered by a wide range of voltages. A built-in SIM card reader makes it easy to plug the ETPro605 EVDO USBModem into your application.







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