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ETPro 555 HG555 - EDVO Router




ETPro EVDO  Router is a series of mobile and portable Cellular router whose whole design is patented. It is the integrated  3G solution for Home, Small Office and Home Office.

ETPro55X EVDO Router is the type of 3G Cellular router.that is mobile and portable. It supportsthe communication technologies including CDMA 1X, EVDO and can be easily upgraded to support EVDO Release A

The products are simple to use and can easily setup. They can easily connect to high-speed cellular data networks, with no additional requirements for software, drivers and interfaces. Several laptops and computers can also simultaneously share a single cellular data connection for Internet access.

ETPro EVDO Routerr can be used anywhere, e.g. the outdoors, in a bus, conference venues, a boat and even in train.ETPro EVDO Wifi Router brings the mobile Internet service to any location with a suitable power supply.

 ETPro 555 & HG555 EDVO Router






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