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Static Fuel tank theft detection system

Static fuel tank alarm monitoring and theft detection system. 
Vehicle fuel tank alarm monitoring and theft detection system. 
We offer a range of solutions to protect and detect fuel theft from static tanks.
There are a number of ways we offer this and create solutions unique to your tank type, location and what your concerns are.
Please contact us and we will gladly advise you on a solution for you. 
Theft from vehicle fuel tanks is now a major cost to companies and individuals.
The average tank holds over a  £1000's worth of diesel and thieves understand and know how to steal this fuel in minutes.
We offer a range of products which can immediatly notify you or the driver of someone stealing fuel from a vehicle along with being able to allow only authorised people to draw fuel from a static tank.
For obvious reasons, we do not publish all the details on the Internet but would be very happy to discuss your needs and tell you more about what we offer if you contact us.





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