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GSM-252 ESIM-252 GSM Auto dialer, text & voice notification

GSM-252 – auto dialler, used to inform users through GSM network that alarm has occurred. System can control one electric appliance via relay. GSM-252 can be connected to any control panel. If PGM or Bell are activated warning call is dialed and SMS message is sent to preset phone numbers.
Taking our popular GSM-151 and upgrading it with the latest generation GSM module (SIM900) to give the unit quad band capability as well as pre-recorded call playback and an additional relay making it two.

System application examples:

Object security option protects your home 24/7 and instantly informs about unauthorized entry by SMS and call to the cell phone.

Information about water-supply accident (flood detection) prevents from damaging your personal assets and those of your neighbours in case of accident water overflow from the water-supply system.

Electrical devices control by SMS or free Call - ability to remote control electrical sauna, water pump, boiler, watering device, switch on or off the lighting, heating and else.

Sound channel usage option allows the user to hear what’s going on in the secured premises through own cell phone.

Fire prevention - in case of the first smoke detection system informs you about it by SMS text message or call.

The basic advantage of the GSM system – user’s ability to know what’s happening at their homes, apartments, warehouses, village households and elsewhere when the user himself is anywhere else – another city or even country.

• Configuration via USB, SMS and free configuration software
• User friendly control commands
• Easily understandable SMS messages
• Integrated GSM module
• For installation you can use Din-Rail Plastic Enclosure
• Simple installation and configuration  - for quick system start it is enough only 2 SMS messages. Just connect 3 wires (+12V, COM and Siren-BELL)
This system allows quick upgrades to alarm panels and other equipment to send texts and voice calls when one of the inputs are triggered.
When one of the inputs are triggered, the unit will send out text messages 'Alarm 1 Activated' or 'Alarm 2 Activated' and follow these with a voice call to the pre programmed numbers.
Each input allows 6 seconds of voice recording.
  • 5 inputs
  • 2 output relays
  • Pre-recorded message playback
  • Voice call with text message
  • Audio monitoring  (optional microphone available)
Technical Spec:
  • GSM Modem Frequency: Quad Band - 900/950/1800/1900 MHz  
  • Power Supply Voltage: 10-24V AC/DC
  • Inputs: 5
  • Relay Output: 1 
  • Dimensions: 82x63x20mm 
  • Operating Temperature: -20...+55°C

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Business hours (UK time)
Monday-Thursday: 09:00-17:00
Friday: 09:00 - 16:30
Saturdays: 11:00-13:00
Sundays: Closed
Answerphone operating outside these hours 
UK Local: 0161 354 5108
UK Local: 0161 660 2544
International: +44 161 354 5108

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