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Gsm 8000 GSM8000 4-20mA monitoring and control system

Control/Monitor/Alarm via GSM mobile phone, no distance limitation. User can control/monitor/alarm their devices all over the world.
  • 8 channels Analog input (4 -20 mA)
  • 8 Relay outputs
  • 8 Switch inputs, normal open, close alarm
  • 8 Analog inputs: system can preset 4 mA and 20 mA input value according the real measuring value and setting display unit. It can read actual measuring data via the SMS ( Short Message ) requested, such as CH1= 28.0 C. CH2=53.7 %RH, CH3=7.01 pH........ CH8= 230.5 ACV.
  • Enable or disable Analog input alarm ( High alarm, Low alarm ) via SMS.
  • Enable or disable switch Input alarm ( close alarm ) via SMS.
  • Set relay output On/Off via SMS
  • Dot matrix LCD display show Analog input value, Switch input and Relay output status.
  • All setting value will be saved into EPROM IC, no loss.
  • Mobile telephone can call out all channel measuring value, status of Switch input and Relay output at any time.
  • Can default two telephone no., alarm SMS can be sent to two users.
  • Build GSM mobile modem ( dual band ).
  • After the SMS command sent by mobile phone, the confirm message will be sent back to the mobile, safe and no loss.
  • Intelligent application , innovation, wide range, no limitation



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