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The device operates in connection with standard alarm systems and is designed for the transmission of alarm messages via GSM network.

  • Transmission of security system messages to an alarm monitoring station via CONTACT ID protocol.
  • Transmission of security system messages to user’s cell phone by SMS.
  • 5 users receive information about the protected object.
  • 2 programmable outputs for remote control.
  • Opportunity to remote control via short call.
  • Programmable user names and names of protected areas.
  • Easy installation.
GsmAlarm-330 simulates the wired telephone line (PSTN) and works in connection with the standard alarm system (Paradox, DSC), that supports the Contact ID data protocol.
The device can transmit information to an  alarm monitoring station by Contact ID protocol and to the user via SMS. If the information on the protected object should be transmitted to the alarm monitoring station only, GsmAlarm-330 simply retranslates the outgoing data.  
  • Home Alarm Systems
  • Remote control& Fixed Line backup



  • 14 protected zones;
  • 5 programmable outputs for remote control;
  • Possibility to connect two PARADOX keyboards;
  • 5 users are informed on the protected unit;
  • Option for temperature measurement;
  • 24 hour timer function;
  • 250 users able to control the gate or electromagnetic lock by short free call;
  • Info-carrying SMS on the state of each sensor, number of triggers, system mains voltage, GSM signal strength;
  • Option to connect siren;
  • Option to connect external mic;
  • Integrated GSM module;
  • Remote programming;
  • Cheap maintenance.

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