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GsmAlarm 500

GsmAlarm-500 can be used to protect houses, apartments, cottages and to manage electrical devices (heating, ventilation systems, automated gates and fences) over GSM network.

GsmAlrm 500 parameters may be set via computer using the GSM Alarm Configuration Tool GAPROG. The module is accessible via an USB port or over internet through GPRS channel.



  • Protection of houses, apartaments, offices;
  • Remote control of heating, ventilation or lighting systems;
  • Remote control of electromagnetic door locks, automated gates, garage doors;


  • 6 inputs
  • Up to 15 protection zones
  • 3 programmable low current outputs + 1 high current relay output
  • 5 users are notified
  • Possibility to connect up to four keypads
  • 20 programmable keypad access codes or iButton (DALLAS) keys
  • Automated remote control using up to 250 number Caller ID recognition without call cost
  • Remote control using mobile phone keypad (through DTMF tones)
  • 24 hour timer
  • Two partial protection modes (STAY and SLEEP)
  • Possibility to divide the system into two independent partitions
  • Possibility to send information to alarm monitoring station using the CONTACT ID protocol (through GSM voice call)
  • Possibility to connect up to 6 temperature sensors for temperature measurement
  • Info-carrying SMS showing state of each sensor, power supply voltage, GSM signal strength
  • GSM JAMMING detection
  • Programming and firmware upgrade via USB connection
  • Remote programming over GPRS
  • Integrated quad-band GSM module
  • Wide operating temperature range: -35...+65°C.

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