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 GSM 3G Antenna & Cable accessories

GSM Secure offer a large range of antennas to suit almost any application. Available in various configurations of connector and cable length.
If you need a connector or cable length not listed here, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
For quantities above 5 - contact us.
Equipment & OEM GSM antennas
GSM-00 - Stubby GSM Antenna - 2dB

GSM-01 - Short GSM Antenna - 2dB




GSM-02 - Long GSM Antenna - 3dB

GSM-03 Mag mount SMA Antenna - 3dB

GSM-04 Magnetic Mount GSM antenna - 3.5dB

GSM-05 GSM Patch Antenna - 3dB









GSM-12 Magnetic Mount GSM antenna - 3.5dB

GSM Magnetic Antenna Aerial - 5dB

GSM Magnetic Antenna Aerial - 9dB

Omni Directional GSM & 3G antennas

GSM 3G Omnidirectional Antenna Aerial - 6dB



GSM 3G Directional Antenna Aerial - 7.5dB
Yagi and Directional GSM & 3G antennas 
GSM 3G Yagi  Antenna Aerial - 11dB





GSM 3G LDPA Antenna Aerial - 12dB

GSM 3G LDPA Antenna Aerial - 12dB

Extension Cables
10cm SMA-F to SMA-M

20cm SMA-F to SMA-M

30cm SMA-F to SMA-M

50cm SMA-F to SMA-M

100cm SMA-F to SMA-M

200cm SMA-F to SMA-M

300cm SMA-F to SMA-M

500cm SMA-F to SMA-M

1000cm SMA-F to SMA-M

Embedded GSM Antennas

Center Frequency(MHz)
 - 824-894/880-960/1710-1990

VSWR 2.0:1
Gain 2dBi+/-1dBi@850MHz ; 2dBi+/-1dBi@900MHz  
             1dBi+/-1dBi@1800MHz ; 1dBi+/-1dBi@1900MHz  
Impedance(O) 50
Size(mm) 64 × 40 ×0.8
Cable Length(cm) 5-20
Connector H.FL/U.FL/IPEX/GSC/MCG etc.
Storage Temperature -30? to+75?
Operating Temperature -30? to+75?








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