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GSM EasyCON Auto dialler & text notification system

  • 2 contact inputs
  • 1 OC output
  • Forwarding SMS and/or voice message to 8 phone numbers
  • Programming via SMS and PC
  • Contact ID sending to a monitoring station
The system will send SMS and/or voice message if the signal reaches the input. You can set 8 different phone numbers to specify separately the type of notice. The auidio call can be siren sound or a pre-recorded voice message (basic message: 16 sec., message: 8 sec.).Event notification: input alarm, ext. power monitoring, life signal sending.
SMS message can be set individually or depending by the alarm event or from the restore. The ringing time of the call, the redial of the number and the function of the circular calling can be set separately. The output can be controlled by voice call for free: unlimited number of cases (no checking) or with caller ID checking up to the memory of the SIM card (250 pcs) and can be monostable up to 65000 seconds or bistable.
SIM functions: forwarding of incoming SMS, warning message of the SIM expiring date, maintenance warning.
Number of stored events: 16 000 event buffer (input, output, GSM signal strength, tamper, power failure, output control based on the caller).
Strength of the GSM signal is checked and logged in every hour into a seperate memory.
Power failure checking and sending information.
SMS and full PC programming.
At just 61 x 31mm, the world's smallest GSM communicator.

Technical parameters:
  • Supply voltage: 9-16 Vdc
  • Standby current: 20 mA
  • Maximum current consumption:  300 mA
  • Relay output: max.: OC output max 300 mA
  • GSM module type: 900 SIMCOM 
  • GSM frequencies: GSM 850 / EGSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 (Multi-Band) 
  • SIM interface: unlocked, support for all services 
  • GSM antenna type: SMA connector 
  • Battery charging time: not available 
  • Dimensions (length x width x height):
  • panel:  61 x 31 mm
  • packed: 100 x 65 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20-50°C
  • GSM transmitter beside alarm system
  • Vocal alarm messages
  • Gate, barrier, and garage opening
  • Home automation control (air-conditioning, heating, sauna, lighting)
  • 230V control

This system offers allows quick upgrades to alarm panels and other equipment to allow it to send texts and voice calls when one of the inputs are triggered.
When one of the inputs are triggered, the unit will send out text messages 'Alarm 1 Activated' or 'Alarm 2 Activated' and follow these with a voice call to the pre programmed numbers.
Each input allows 6 seconds of voice recording.
  • 5 inputs
  • 1 output relay
  • Voice call with text message
  • Audio monitoring 
Technical Spec:
  • GSM Modem Frequency: 900/1800/1900 MHz  
  • Power Supply Voltage: 10-24V AC/DC
  • Inputs: 5
  • Relay Output: 1 
  • Dimensions: 82x63x20mm 
  • Operating Temperature: -20...+55°C



Business hours (UK time)
Monday-Thursday: 09:00-17:00
Friday: 09:00 - 16:30
Saturdays: 11:00-13:00
Sundays: Closed
Answerphone operating outside these hours 
UK Local: 0161 354 5108
UK Local: 0161 660 2544
International: +44 161 354 5108

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