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Telephone line emulator
PSTN line management, PSTN fail relay output (NC/NO)
SIA FSK and CONTACT ID protocols
Programmable through SMS


The EasyLine interface simulates a traditional telephone line (PSTN) using a GSM system module.
It can be used as telephone backup system when a PSTN line is out of order or is not available: in these conditions, or if the interface is properly configured, a call from an external unit is forwarded through the GSM network.
The system is completely transparent to SIA FSK and CONTACT ID protocols signals; it also provides a signalling PSTN Fail relay output (NC/NO).
Using SMS commands EasyLine can be remotely configured and can generate system informations.
A SMS message is sent if the relevant event occurs and if it has been previously associated at least to a telephone number (8 telephone numbers may be stored in the system): by default, all messages are associated to the first telephone number of the address book.

  • Line back up
  • Line monitoring 


Technical parameters:

  • Transmission frequency: GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Power supply 13.8 Vdc nominal (min: 9Vdc, max: 14.5Vdc)
  • Nominal current 110 mA
  • Maximum current 300 mA (peak 320 mA)
  • Emulated line tone 440 Hz
  • Emulated line voltage 12 Vdc
  • Size 103 x 57 x 18,5 mm
  • Temperature range From +5°C to 40°C
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