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GTA GSM SMS notification system (ideal for cars, boats, equipment and property monitoring)

GSM SMS sending alarm system "GTA" is designed to work with any car alarm system and send detailed information about car security system. User gets detailed information every time car alarm system is alarmed. SMS from module informs which sensor was triggered. User can control 3 outputs via GSM SMS, audio monitoring is also available. Free configuration program via USB or RS232 (COM port) available.

Individual security GSM communication module GTA (hereinafter the module) is designed for transfer of GSM SMS messages to the mobile phone of the user. It is used for complex car security with car alarm system, which has central lock control. The module also has a wide range of application fields.


Why this GSM alarm system is PROFESSIONAL?

"GTAUTO" GSM alarm system sends accurate information about activated-alarmed sensors. All SMS text can be free programmed. Some examples about sending SMS text:

If somebody opens car’s luggage you will get SMS message:

“Alarm Luggage”

If somebody opens car’s bonnet you will get SMS message:

“Alarm Bonnet”

If somebody opens car’s door you will get SMS message:

“Alarm Door”

If microwave sensors activates you will get SMS message:

“Alarm Microwave”

If shock sensor activates you will get SMS message:

“Alarm Shock”

If somebody turns on car’s ignition you will get SMS message:

“Ignition On”

If car’s siren turns on you will get SMS message:

“Siren On”

If car’s battery goes low you will get SMS message:

“Low Battery

If temperature goes  low you will get SMS message:

 “Low Temperature”

All SMS text can be free programmed.

After an alarm SMS is sent GTA module calls to user to notice about alarm.

No additional remotes. Every time you lock your car with CAR SECURITY SYSTEM”S REMOTE “GTAUTO” module turns to ARM mode. You never need to remember to ARM your GSM alarm system separately. It activates at the same time then you lock your car.

Special software “SERA”. It is free and included in set to configure “GTAUTO” module via USB link. Anywhere you are just connecting module to your laptop and configure your GSM SMS alarm system.

Diagnosing and testing of the module. Many times there are something missed to test after installation or not tested properly, so sometimes systems works wrong. With “GTA” GSM alarm system that problem does not exists. Just install “GTA” module and run TEST with special software “SERA” and you will see if it is installed and works properly.

Telephone number identification and protection against fraud. In many GSM alarm systems it is enough to know your GSM alarm number to gain full access to it. There are 3 SMS controllable OUTPUTS and there are NO CHANCES to anybody to control them. Only user can control “GTAUTO” module. If someone else tries to cheat your system – this system simply ignores any call or SMS if it is not USER telephone number.

Remote blocking and control. If your car is stolen just send SMS to turn off fuel pump and no one else can turn on fuel pump again except you. After you block your car you call police.

All SMS text can be freely changed as you wish. You don’t like an alert message text that is sending to you? That’s not a problem. With this GSM alarm system you can change SMS alarm messages text. Simply rename them to your language (if it is not English. English is default language).

Example: You don’t like SMS alert message text “Alarm door”. You can rename, for example, to “Door is opened”.

Voltage monitoring. There are problems when you left car with CAR ALARM SYSTEM activated for a long time – car battery goes low and CAR ALARM SYSTEM simply turns off. If you have GTA module this is not a problem for you. Every time your car’s battery goes to critical voltage you will be alerted by SMS message (“Low Battery”). So if you are alerted that battery voltage is critical remember to run motor for 20 minutes and let generator to charge battery. When battery is charged enough you will be informed by SMS message (“Battery restore”).

Periodical test SMS. User can get TEST messages periodically (00-24 hour’s period time). Just set the period time you want to get TEST messages automatically and you will get them. Example of SMS TEST message:



Quantity Description


"GTA" GSM ALARM module


Wire bus to connect to ANY CAR SECURITY system


MIC for audio listening via phone


USB cable to configure and test GTAUTO module via PC


GSM antenna


CD included configuration-testing program "SERA"

Working principle

When any sensor of car alarm system activates, GTA module forms SMS message about car alarm system activated sensors and sends it immediately to user mobile phone. Each notification of alarm SMS message is doubled with call to user’s mobile phone. If user answers the call module automatically activates acoustic monitoring.

GTA advantages
  • FREE configuration/testing software “SERA”;

SERA - GTAUTO module configuration software

  • Module configuration via RS232 or USB link
  • Ability to save module configuration templates in PC. It is very convenient for security systems installers
  • Versatile configuration of inputs and outputs. User/installer can change alarm texts, inputs/outputs types, activation time and etc
  • Ability to configure reaction time, polarity, isolate inputs
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Ability to test module via PC. With software “SERA” installed in PC user/installer can monitor inputs, outputs states, system voltage, modem parameters: GSM connection strength, IMEI and etc. This features helps and fastens module installation
  • Convenient module configuration with SMS messages
  • Module has 7 programmable inputs + 3 SMS controlled outputs
  • Remote engine starting
  • Built-in multi-band GSM modem
  • Module always monitors system voltage, so user is always informed of system’s low voltage
  • Ability of sound monitoring. If user calls to module it will answer and automatically turn on acoustic monitoring
  • User will be informed about GSM network strength, systems voltage, outputs states and etc via SMS messages
  • -30 up to +75 °C degrees working temperature
  • Universal module on/off using car’s central locking
  • Programmable on/off state recognizing
  • Module fits on all car alarm systems
  • Low power consumptions
  • Convenient SIM card input
  • Easy installation
  • Can be traced via GSM network ( Needs subscription to 3rd party provider )






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