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GSM ProCOMM is a stand alaone alarm system panel with built in PSTN and 'Dual' SIM Card allowing for two GSM networks to back up communications.


  • GSM and PSTN communication
  • Call forwarding from alarming central using prefix numbers (communication channel preselection)
  • Management of 2 independent SIM cards
  • Reception of incoming calls, possibility for restriction
  • Installable behind phone exchange servers
  • Management of different prefix numbers for PSTN and GSM calls
  • Forwarding of incoming SMS messages to 2 phone numbers
  • Forwarding of alarming SMS and calls to 4 user phone number
  • Conversion of event codes to SMS message sent by alarm device via GSM and PSTN channel
  • Initiation of voice calls effected by alarm device via GSM and PSTN channel
  • Configurable SMS message (max. 160 characters) for alarm transmission
  • 9 recordable voice messages (5sec length) and a siren tone for alarm transmission
  • Last 1137 events stored in event list
  • Supports voice dialers
  • 4 onboard NO/NC contact inputs and optional 24 input expansion module
  • Configurable Contact IDs for every inputs and custom events
  • 4 configurable NO/NC relay outputs (monostable, bistable, state change), controllable by events or by user
  • Relay control by free calls (gatecontrol function)
  • Backup battery management, charging automatically and voltage monitoring
  • Monitoring GSM and PSTN line
  • Power Supply monitoring
  • Configuring through USB and GSM data call
  • Adaptation of alarm control panels to GSM network
  • Phone line emulation
  • Adjustable internal Contact ID codes
  • Alarm restriction
  • Event list / number of stored events 1000
  • Built-in internal clock
  • Alarm sending to user phone numbers using siren tone
  • Voice dialer adaptation
  • PSTN line supervision
  • Output control with commands through GSM voice call
  • Programming methodUSB / GSM data callProgramming software
  • Security password
  • Output activation on PSTN fault
  • Output activation on GSM fault
  • Output control through free GSM call
  • Terminal connector design
  • Mounted on PCB Recordable voice message sending to user phone numbers 9 x 5 seconds
  • Periodical test report
  • Monitoring station phone numbers 2
  • User phone numbers for output control 4 or Unlimited
  • User phone numbers for reporting 4
  • Relay outputs4
  • Contact inputs4 / 28 (with expansion module)
  • Capable of handling two SIM cards
  • Battery connection feature, intelligent charging
  • Built-in loudspeaker for communication testing
  • User phone numbers for forwarding of incoming SMS messages 2
  • Transmission channelGSM / PSTN Selectable confirmation requerst from user phone numbers
  • SMS generation from Contact ID codes and sending to user phone numbers
  • Individual SMS sending to user phone numbers with predefinable message
  • Individual reporting to monitoring station
  • Configurable inputs (NO/NC)
  • Caller identification
  • Built-in tamper protection
  • LED signals for status



  • Protection of houses, apartaments, offices
  • Remote control of heating, ventilation or lighting systems
  • Remote control of electromagnetic door locks, automated gates, garage doors


Technical specification

  • GSM band 900/1800, 850/1900 MHz
  • Operation temperature -20 C - +70 C
  • GSM phone typeSIMCOM SIM900
  • Supply voltage9-30 VDCDimensions150x110x19 mmWeight200 g
  • Current consumption Max 500mA @ 12VDC - Nominal 120mA @ 12VDC

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