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Huawie USB Dongle compatible antennas
A range of solutions to 'break out' the mobile broadband signal from a USB Broadband stick to allow higher gain or external antennas to improve signal and connection speed.
A range of internal and external antennas for use in semi-static or fixed locations to obtain the strongest most relaible signal.
After many years of Vodafone claiming dongles don't need antenna sockets, they have now started adding them to a limited number of dongles, these include the KT4511.


Huawei compatible antennas - for Huawei 3G Dongle with antenna socket

Huawei compatible 5dB 3G Antenna
- Magnetic base
Cable Length

Huawei compatible 9dB 3G Antenna
 - Magnetic Base

Cable Length

Huawei compatible 5dB 3G Antenna
 - Roof mounted

Cable Length

Huawei compatible 2.5dB 3G Antenna
 - Through hole mounted

Cable Length

Huawei compatible 9dB 3G Antenna
 - Bracket mounted

Cable Length

Huawei compatible to SMA Antenna cable
If your 3G dongle has a socket to allow an external antenna, you may want to choose from our larger range of SMA conneted 3G & GSM antennas.
In order for you to connect directly to the USB dongle, use this adaptor to convert the connection to SMA and allow high gain portable and fixed antennas to be used with it

NB: Not all Huawei USB 3G Dongles have antenna sockets.
If your dongle is missing the socket, then it is possible to connect a 3G Antenna to it using the dongle strap below. Simply insert the dongle into the strap to convert it to a larger antenna via an SMA socket.

Dongle Adaptors

Clip on Dongle Strap
Simply attach this dongle-strap to your USB stick to allow you to connect an external antenna.
The SMA terminated antennas listed on our 3G antenna page are all compatible with this product.


Once you have the right connector, whether via strap or with the adaptor you can choose any of the SMA connected antennas listed here

Dongle Strap with antenna kits - for Huawie's without an antenna socket.

Dongle strap with 5dB 3G Antenna Kit

Dongle strap with 9dB 3G Antenna Kit




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