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Perimeter Protection & Detection

By connecting installing Baluster's on your perimeter border, driveway, business site, you will be notified by phone call or text immediatly of unauthorised movement around the area.
If someone was to force or jump over your gates and started walking up your drive at night or during the day when you are out or in the garden, immediatly know about that they have broken the beam by a phone call or text message.
Connect 4 working together for early wanring that someone is wondering around your property. 
These systems can be linked to the GSM Access control, GSM Intercoms or any of the the GSM Monitoring units we supply.
The baluster's can also be linked into your CCTV system to trigger the event alarm or movement recorder or to be viewed  remotely.
Simple to install by connecting to a power supply and then two additional wires to the monitoring kit. Not only can you use your mobile phones Caller ID to open your gates, the same unit will notify you of anyone moving about that should not be there.
Uses include:
  • Driveway and perimeter detection
  • Controlling lights via a relay
  • Notification via call or text message of movement when used in conjunction with our monitoring units
  • Used as a break beam detector with a conventional alarm system



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