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  - Better and Stronger 3G & GSM signals 
The key to getting the most out of 3G broadband dongles, routers and GSM / GPRS networks is to obtain the best possible signal.
With the rapid uptake of USB Dongles and other 3G and GSM equipment, signal strength is becomming more and more important.
Imagine being in a car, caravan, canal boat, barge or even a metal office container on a building site. Trying to get a 3G or GSM signal is sometimes impossible and if it does work, can very slow or unreliable.
GSM-Secure have solutions to help overcome these problems and give you the best possible 3G dongle signal possible and increase the connection speed to the maximum.
USB Dongles, although very handy to have in the laptop bag, are small and suffer from weak signals. They are designed to push into the side of your laptop and this is not always the best place for the best signal.
Take a canal boat as an example. Trying to use 3G is near impossible as canals tend to be low down in the water out of line of sight of the transmitter and to make this situation worse, the boat is made of steel. The frequency band of the 3G network is almost microwave radio and this is very difficult to pass through the metal shell of the boat. 
What can you do?
There are a number of ways to get a stronger signal to your 3G USB dongle or GSM device.
  1. Install an external aerial to take the signal outside where it will be stronger
  2. Adapt your 3G Dongle to accept an external aerial
  3. Connect your dongle to an external antenna via the antenna socket
USB Dongle compatible antennas
A range of solutions to 'break' out the mobile broadband signal from a USB Broadband stick to allow higher gain and external antennas to be used to improve signal.
View our large range of Huawei compatible 3G antennas



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