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Wi-Fi Antennas

Fed up with weak and intermittent Wi-Fi signals?

Why not increase the range by using our long range – high gain Wi-Fi antenna with built in USB wireless device.

If your laptop has a Wi-Fi card built in, the chances are it is impossible to connect an external antenna to obtain the best signal. By installing the driver CD and then plugging this antenna into your USB socket on your PC or laptop.

By having the wireless (Wi-FI) device built into the antenna, there is no need to worry about cables, connections and extension. The USB high gain antenna is weatherproofed and can work with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Whether connecting to a caravan site, marina or other wireless connection at long range, this antenna is the solution to a better more reliable signal.

Fitting kit to allow the antenna to be used on a smooth surface such as the side of a van or window.
Easy removal allows the safe keeping of the antenna inside when not in use.
Updated drivers for windows XP & Windows 7



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