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xLogic SuperRelay's

These are the latest generation of powerful & expandable Micro-PLCs with compact appearance at lowest price. Specifically designed to replace mini PLCs, multiple components, such as various timers, relays, contactor and counters etc.
Moreover , it also shall be the ideal alternative of those expensive brands(Siemens LOGO! , Moeller “easy relay”, Allen Bradley “Pico controller”, Mitsubishi Alpha, Crouzet “Millenium 3”, Schneider Electric Telemecanique “Zelio Logic 2”, IMO iSmart, etc)
Available in a number of configuations depeninding on input, output and features as well as available expansion options including GSM, Ethernet, RS485 as well as being able to increase the number of inputs and outputs.
 Why not download the software and have a go yourself at programming these units. The software can be used without actually connecting a device to allow you to practice with the software or prepare your program for when you purchase a unit from us.
xLogic Software (from Dropbox Drive)
Example Programs:

Textile impregnation control

ELC 6 Series 



ELC 12 Series
ELC 12 Lite
ELC 12 Standard

ELC 18 Series
ELC 18 Lite ELC 18 Standard ELC 18 Advanced

It perfectly fits in the space between those individual components( like multiple relays, timers & and counters etc) and a PLC; offering high communication capabilities (via Ethernet or network, GSM, 2 built-in RS485 communication ports + one RS232 port, both Modbus RTU and ASCII supported) and has a wide range of accessories (display units, operator panels, power supplies etc) ;

Easy installation, free software, Minimum wiring; it is easy to program (Ladder, FBD & manual programming via detachable keypad panel ), Each CPU incorporates not only a real-time clock and calendar, but also provides support for optional & various expansion I/O modules to widely enhance micro-control,monitoring applications and a wide field of applications demanding low cost to be a primary design issue.

What can you expect from the xLogic SuperRelay ?

The integrated products of the xLogic SuperRelay family replace many of the discrete components used in conventional systems, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for economical solutions, and contributed to xLogic’s versatile features, The xLogic can obviously be used in numerous applications:

  • Greenhouses and agricultural machinery
  • Machine controls
  • Motor, pump and valve controls
  • Air compressors
  • Exhaust and filtering systems
  • Water-treatment plants
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Etching and purification plants
  • Transport facilities
  • Conveyor systems
  • Hoisting platforms
  • Elevators
  • Silo facilities
  • Livestock feed delivery
  • Operational monitoring systems
  • Access control
  • Vehicle control monitoring
  • Alarm systems
  • Level limit monitoring
  • Traffic light control systems
  • Baggage handling
  • Residential and commercial building services
  • Interior and exterior lighting control
  • Door/gate control
  • Shutter, sun blind and awning control
  • Irrigation system control
  • Unique applications
  • Wind power systems
  • Harsh environments
  • Display panels and traffic control signs





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