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Economy ELC-12 series overview

Economy ELC-12 Series(Super Relay) is the entry level model without expansion capacity , NO PWM output & High Speed pulse counting capabilities, incorporating a good mix of digital and Analogue IO, clock with calendar, counters , timers, removable keypad LCD for program modification or display and control whilst program is running, and available in 120/240VAC or 12V/24VDC versions, making it the ideal solution for replacement of multiple timers, relays, contactors and counters or simple control applications. xLogic ECONOMY ELC-12 Series perfectly fits in the space between timing relays and low-end PLCs. Easy to configure with drag-and-drop function blocks or ladder using FREE xLogicSoft software.

What can you expect from the xLogic Micro PLC ?
The integrated products of the xLogic family replace many of the discrete components used in conventional systems, opening up a whole new range of possibilities for economical solutions, and contributed to xLogic’s versatile features, The xLogic can obviously be used in numerous applications:

Greenhouses and agricultural machinery

Machine controls
Motor, pump and valve controls
Air compressors
Exhaust and filtering systems
Water-treatment plants
Woodworking machinery
Etching and purification plants
Transport facilities
Conveyor systems
Hoisting platforms
Silo facilities
Livestock feed delivery and environment monitoring
Operational monitoring systems
Access control
Vehicle control monitoring
Alarm systems
Level limit monitoring
Traffic light control systems
Baggage handling
Residential and commercial building services
Interior and exterior lighting control
Door/gate control
Shutter, sun blind and awning control
Irrigation system control
Unique applications
Wind power systems
Harsh environments
Display panels and traffic control signs



  • the ideal solution for simple automation tasks
  • Minimizes costs - replaces many conventional switching control devices
  • Reduces time requirements – simplified wiring and panel layout,
  • Offers flexibility in resellers stock selection by offering removable keypad display


Saves much space in the switching cabinet - modules based on a 4 width industry standard dimension replace a wide variety of relays, timer switches and contactor relays

Furnishes the widest range of capabilities and successful implementation of extensive applications with the option of selecting from 44 integrated functions and linking up to 512 of them in the user program(Applied to standard ELC-12 series )

Operator control and monitoring are made very user-friendly by means of a 4 line, 10 characters per line, backlit display.

Additional external text display extends the possibilities for operator control and monitoring

Password protection – Protects your engineering IP

44 integrated, pre-tested functions – No additional devices, such as elapsed time counter, are required

Linking of 512 functions is possible – Extensive applications can be implemented without limits

Eight digital inputs (incl. four AI at 12 / 24 V DC) and four digital outputs on board

Display of message texts, action items and current values as well as direct modification of the values on the display
Retentive data memory – Protects current values against loss in the event of a power failure

Together with the xLogicSoft software, configuring of the xLogic is simply intuitive: program generation, project simulation and documentation are accomplished using drag and drop functionality, allowing maximum ease of operation.



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